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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

TUESDAY'S TIP OF THE WEEK: End Of Clean Eating Challenge

The Clean Eating Challenge wraps up tomorrow! (Wed, 2/18)  Participants will be stepping on the scale to see how their body composition has changed.  They will have an after photo taken, which will be compared to the before photo.  Participants will also be performing the Clean Eating Challenge benchmark workout.

To get ready for tomorrow, here are a couple pointers...

After Photo:  Stand tall and smile!  You've done a great job the past 6 weeks.  Be proud of what you've accomplished!

Scale:  This is a bioelectrical impedance scale.  Food and hydration level can affect the numbers quite a bit.  Be sure to do exactly, or as close as possible, what you did before the test at the beginning of the challenge.  If you ate no breakfast before the test 6 weeks ago then eat no breakfast this time.  If you drank a lot of water last time, drink a lot this time.

Workout:  RELAX!!!  It's just another workout.  I know we all want to do better than we did 6 weeks ago and there are going to be some nerves.  The work, and improvement, has already been done.  This is like the SAT's; you aren't going to do better by studying the morning of.  Get a good nights sleep, come to the gym and work hard.

Please let the coaches know if you have any questions about the end of the challenge.


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