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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


According to the Urban Dictionary, Withitness is defined as

"a teacher's awareness of what is going on in all parts of the classroom at all times and the communication of this awareness to students both verbally and nonverbally".

A good coach is a good teacher, and has great withitness.  A good coach is aware of everything going on in the gym.  A good coach can pick out a bad looking squat from across the gym using only his peripheral vision.  A good coach can meander around the gym during a double-under and kettle bell swing workout and not get smacked with a rope or a kettle bell.

Some people do not posses this important life skill.  You know that person in the grocery store who parks their cart right in the middle of the isle while they examine all the varieties of cooking spray?  They leave no room for you to get by.  All you want is to get to the end of the isle to get your tub of olive oil!  That person has no Withitness!

The person who parks their car crooked and essentially takes up two parking spaces in a parking lot.  That person has no Withitness!

The person who comes into the gym on a snowy day and tracks snow and water through the gym as they make their way to the locker room.  Then continues to make wet nano footprints throughout the gym until their shoes finally dry off.  That person has no Withitness!

The person who brings their lacrosse ball over to the nearest box and begins rolling their butt.  Meanwhile, you finish your set of wall balls, turn to do your first box jump, only to see someone grinding a lacrosse ball deep into their right butt cheek.  "Oh, were you using this box?"  OK, maybe that's not a lack of withitness, and most likely is an honest mistake; but it's still annoying!

Sometimes, especially in a crowded area, you can't help but to be in the way.  Many times you can.  Just be aware of the people around you.

 - P.S.  Full disclosure.  I've been that person in every example above.  It's not so bad when you do it to someone else, but isn't it annoying when it happens to you?!?!


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