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Friday, March 27, 2015

CrossFit Open Workout 15.5 - Initial Thoughts and Tips

27-21-15-9 reps for time of:
Row (calories)
Men use 95 lb. 
Women use 65 lb.

Initial Thoughts:  Our dreams have come true; NO BURPEES!!!  We may be happy that there are no burpees, but what CrossFit HQ gave us is much worse!  This workout is going to HURT!  It is going to be a lung burner.  I am not looking forward to this one!

Tips: These tips are not intended for Games or Regional level athletes. These tips are for the average CrossFit athlete; the person who is using the Open to test and challenge themselves. I am writing these tips very soon after I learn what the workout is. My strategy opinion may change as the weekend progresses.

The Row:  Pace this early.  We all know how we feel after getting off the rower right after a sprint.  We can't stand up and usually fall to the floor in exhaustion.  The rounds of 27 and 21 should be done at 90% effort.  Once you are in the round of 15 it's time to survive.  Just keep pulling.  You will want to stop and take a breath.  Don't do it!  Just keep getting that next pull.

Thrusters:  How you attack these reps depends on how this weight feels for you.  If it's heavy, break the sets up early.  If it's light, get big sets with a steady rhythm.  Keep breathing and keep moving.  It sounds like a dumb piece of advice, but keep breathing when doing your thrusters.  Many people hold their breath for the majority of a thruster.  Find a breathing rhythm that works for you so you're not seeing stars every time you drop the bar.

This one is going to hurt.  You will not feel good after this workout.  You will wonder why the hell you are doing this to yourself.  Accept these truths beforehand, work hard, and be proud of what you have accomplished.  The majority of people in this world don't have what it takes to put themselves through a workout like this.  You do have what it takes.  Be proud of that.


Everybody who starts Crossfit begins with different types of experience and levels of fitness. A big advantage of Crossfit is that everybody can join and scale their work out individually, so everybody is challenged but never over challenged.

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