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Monday, March 9, 2015

MOTIVATION MONDAY: Take Notes On Your Open Performances

Week two of the CrossFit Open will be completed at 8:00 eastern tonight.  So far we have been asked to perform Toes to Bar, Deadlifts, Snatches, a heavy Clean & Jerk, Overhead Squats and Chest to Bar Pullups.  That's six different movements.  Some of these movements you may have performed with ease.  Other movements may have left you struggling to get one repetition.

The Open is a great opportunity to test yourself against yourself.  Workout 15.2 of the Open was a repeat workout from last year.  The two movements were Overhead Squats and Chest to Bar Pullups.  Many of our members told me they were unable to perform one Chest to Bar Pullup during last year's Open.  This year they were able to perform 5 or more repetitions of Chest to Bar Pullups.  Some were able to get into the second round of the workout!  That is a huge improvement in one year!

While we saw many improvements in workout performance, there were a few athletes who still struggled with certain movements.  If you are an athlete who still struggled with Toes to Bar, Overhead Squats, Chest to Bar Pullups, or any other movements tested so far, you should write down the movements you struggled with the most.  Making a list of movements you struggle performing will give you a list of priorities when training in your free time.

If you want to improve in CrossFit, and in other aspects of your life, you must work on your weaknesses.  Keep the list you make close to you.  Add things to that list if you discover something you need to improve.  Take things off the list when you are successful in making that weakness a strength.


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