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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

TIP OF THE WEEK: Sometimes You Have To Crawl, Even After You Walk

Open workout 15.3 asked us to perform three highly technical movements; Muscle-Ups, Wall Balls, and Double Unders.  Being able to perform these three movements was necessary to perform this workout.  Efficiency in these three movements was essential to perform WELL in this workout.

I witnessed many very good athletes perform this workout this past weekend.  I saw some athletes not score as well as they could have simply because they were not efficient in one of the movements.  They were able to perform the movements, but because of their inefficiency they slowed down dramatically in the second round of the workout.  Some relied too much on upper body strength to achieve their muscle-ups.  Some continually rose their heals as they squatted during the wall ball.  Some used too much arm movement to complete their double unders, which burned out their shoulders.

If you want to compete in the sport of CrossFit, being able to perform a movement is not enough.  You must be efficient in the movements.  Never say to yourself "I can do muscle-ups, I can do double unders, I don't need to practice them".  Many times in this sport you need to take a step backward and work to perfect the basics.  You can do a muscle-up, but can you do a strict muscle-up?  Can you do a muscle-up with a neutral grip?  Can you do a muscle-up with a false grip?  You can do double unders, but can you do single unders?  Can you do 200, 300, 500 single unders?  Can you go from single unders to double unders and back to single unders?  Can you change the speed of your double unders?  Wall-Balls are simple to do, right?  Is your squat on your 150th wall ball the exact same as your first when you do Karen?

If the answer to any of the above questions is NO, then you have some practicing to do.  Never think you are above working on the seemingly "simple" movements like air squats and single under jump rope.  Being efficient at these movements will help you be efficient on the more high skilled movements.


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