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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

TUESDAY'S TIP OF THE WEEK: Simple Tips To Help Your Strength Development - By Pat Commeret

Some tips to keep in mind when your looking to gain strength.

Get used to being a little uncomfortable when training. Whether this means trying a new movement for the first time and it feels very challenging, or you have a new percentage to hit with your back squat.  Be mentally ready to be a little uncomfortable.

Learn about yourself. Know what you might be good at, and also know what you might be lacking. Make clear goals over the months to balance movements or weights that could be blocking you from achieving that first CrossFit Open Rx movement.

Last tip is to understand how to "ride the wave".  Sometimes I like to mention in classes to "take small victories". Your going to have ups and downs.  Sometimes bigger ups and downs than you expect. Nevertheless, give yourself credit when you achieve lifts or goals that might be just shy of your maxes or what you looked to achieve that day.

Always keep a steady state of mind and Train Hard!


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