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Monday, March 16, 2015

Why Are You Doing The Open? - An Interview With Ashlee Fonak

Ashlee Fonak
CrossFit Syracuse Member


What Level Athlete Do You Consider Yourself, and What Level CrossFiter Do You Consider Yourself?
Intermediate.  There's beginner, intermediate and advanced.  I don't think I'm an advanced athlete, but maybe a little higher than intermediate.

What type of athlete do you consider advanced?
Elite, regional level athlete.

Why Did You Start CrossFit?
The typical reasons.  Lose weight... I was a gym rat.  Before (CrossFit) I lived in the gym.  I was just doing cardio, lifting weights.  Someone had something posted on one of the social media websites (about CrossFit).  I looked into it and found CrossFit DeWitt.  I went there and just fell in love.

Why Do You CrossFit Now?
Lots of reasons.  There's always something you can improve at.  You can always get better.  Pushing myself; you come in here and your so scared about the workout and once you're finally doing it, and you finish, you have this sense of accomplishment.  Look at what I just did.  Look at what I was able to put my body through and achieve!  It gives you a good feeling.

Why Do You Train At CrossFit Syracuse?
The coaching is by far the best that you could possibly get.  The members; you have such a huge community here.  Everyone is so supportive.  I feel like it's not me who makes me who I am, It's the people that I work out with that make me who I am.  We all push one another.  It's the community that keeps me here.

How Many Times Have You Done The Open?  
This is my third year, and each year I've improved.

What Was Your Experience Like The First Time You Did The Open?
I didn't really know what to expect when I first did it.  I just thought, 'Alright, I'll just do these workouts and see where I land'.  Each year I've thought more about how much better I can do and see how much I've improved.

Do You Have a Goal For The Open?
My biggest goal is to go up in the rankings.

How Do You Asses Your Improvement?  By Ranking, Or By Self Assessment Of Performance?
My goal was to be in the top 100.  So I would say by Ranking.

If You Don't Reach Your Goal Of Top 100; How Will You Determine If This Was A Successful Open and Training Year?
It will still be a success either way.  The Open is something to work for, but it's not the end-all.  If I don't get there, I don't get there.  I'm still coming here every day and working as hard as I possibly can to achieve my little goals.  Like increase my back squat and getting butterfly pullups.

Why Are You Doing The Open This Year?
For all the reasons we talked about, and to see how much I've improved year to year.


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