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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Through Adversity Comes Prosperity

Did you just finish the Open?  Did you not do as well as you would have liked?  Did you have trouble performing some of the movements?  Many of us faced a lot of adversity during this year's Open.  This year, more than in years past, CrossFit headquarters asked us to perform a high amount of gymnastics movements for each workout.

15.1 asked us to perform many Toes-2-Bar.  15.2 asked us to perform a high amount of Chest-2-Bar Pullups.  15.3 began with Muscle-Ups.  15.4 required us to perform many handstand pushups. 

Throughout the Open I witnessed many people scaling these workouts because of their inability to perform some of these movements.  There are two ways you can react to this type of adversity.  You can say to yourself "I can't do Toes-2-Bar (or muscle-ups, or handstand pushups...).  Oh well, I'll just keep doing what I've been doing." 

Or you can use this adversity to get better.  Don't settle for what you are.  If you can't do something, then work on it until you can.  Then work on it until you can do it with ease.  That is the beauty of CrossFit programming.  CrossFit will expose your weaknesses.  CrossFit with bring you face to face with adversity.  It is how you react to that adversity that makes you who you are.


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