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Thursday, April 9, 2015

TIP OF THE WEEK: How To Get Strong; Accumulation of Quality Work

Some CFSers Accumulating Quality Work
I am often asked "What do I need to do to get stronger?".  "How do I get better at squatting?"  "How do I get better at Pullups?"

My initial response is usually "Do more pullups".  Or Squats, or whatever movement they are trying to get better at.  Accumulation of work is how we get strong.  We don't get strong by squatting today.  We get strong by squatting every week, or multiple times a week, for months and years on end.

Doing more is just part of what you need to do.  You need to not only do more of the particular movement (accumulation), you also need to make sure the repetitions you are performing are high quality repetitions.  Most of us have heard the saying "practice makes perfect".  We have also heard the saying "practice doesn't make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect".  This is what I'm talking about here.  When working on getting stronger you need to not only practice movements, you need to practice perfect movements.

Pullup Strength:  You swing like a monkey on the bar, bicycle kick yourself up and up, then reach your chin as high as you can until your chin raises above the bar.  Awesome!  You did a pullup!  Is this the best way to develop strength in that movement?  Are you practicing perfect pullups, or are you just trying to get your chin over the bar because that is what CrossFit says you need to do? 

CrossFit Regional competitions are right around the corner.  Watch these athletes.  They don't just perform pullups; they perform perfect pullups.  They don't just squat; they squat perfectly.  This is part of what makes them so good at this sport.

When you are in the gym, don't think of what you are doing as a workout.  Think of it as practice.  Every time you perform a repetition you are practicing that movement.  Be sure to be practicing quality work; and do it often.


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