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Grocery List

Organic foods have fewer chemicals and additives.  The idea behind "The One Ingredient Diet" is to cut out all foreign substances and stick to real food.  

This is NOT a complete list of ALL the foods you can eat on "The One Ingredient Diet".  This list is simply a place to start.  These foods are commonly found in grocery stores in the United States.  This list will give you a good reference point when starting "The One Ingredient Diet". 

Next to each food you will find the amount of that food that will equal 1 Block.  Some foods, such as leafy greens, I have stated to "eat as much as you want".  I have never met an obese person that eats too much broccoli!  Your measurements do not have to be exact.  These are general guidelines.  You will not fail the diet if you eat an extra strawberry!

Common Vegetables:  (Carbohydrates)
Artichoke:  1 medium
Asparagus:  1 cup (12spears)
Beans:  1/4 cup
Broccoli:  Eat as much as you want
Brussels Sprouts:  Eat as much as you want
Cabbage:  Eat as much as you want
Carrot: 1/2 cup
Cauliflower:  Eat as much as you want
Celery:  Eat as much as you want
Chard:  Eat as much as you want
Collards:  Eat as much as you want
Corn: 1/4 cup
Cucumbers: 1
Eggplant: 1.5 cup
Kale:  Eat as much as you want
Leek: 1 cup
Lettuce:  Eat as much as you want
Mushrooms: Eat as much as you want
Onions: 1
Peas: 1/3 cup
Peppers:  Eat as much as you want
Potatoes: 1/3 cup
Radish:  Eat as much as you want
Spinach:  Eat as much as you want
Squash:  1/3 cup
Sweet Potato:  1/3 cup
Tomatoes:  2
Turnips:  1 cup
Watercress:  Eat as much as you want
Yams:  1/3 cup

Common Fruit:  (Carbohydrates)
Apple: 1 small
Apricot:  3
Avocado: 1/2 tbs. (Fat)
Banana: 1/3
Blackberry: 1/2 cup
Blueberry: 1/2 cup
Cherry: 7
Fig: 1
Grapefruit: 1/2
Grape: 1/2 cup
Kiwi: 1
Lemon: 1
Lime: 1
Mango: 1/3 cup
Melon: 1/2 cup
Orange:  1 small
Peach: 1
Pear: 1
Pineapple: 1/2 cup
Plum: 1
Strawberry: 1 cup
Watermelon: 1/2 cup

Animals:  (Protein, and Fat when eating a fatty cut of meat)
Beef: 1oz
Chicken: 1oz
Clam: 1.5oz
Crab: 1.5oz
Duck: 1oz
Eggs: 1
Fish: 1.5oz
Lobster: 1.5oz
Pork: 1oz
Scallops: 1.5oz
Shrimp: 1.5oz
Turkey: 1oz
Venison: 1oz

*Try every type and cut of meat.  The more variety you have the better.  Don't be afraid to try organ meat, marrow bones, and other parts of an animal.  Parts of an animal that aren't commonly consumed are some of the most nutrient dense parts of an animal.

Nuts and Seeds:  (Fat)
Almond: 3
Cashew: 3
Macadamia: 1
Peanuts: 6
Peanut Butter: 1/2 tsp
Pistachio: 3

Cooking Oils:  (Fat) 
Olive Oil:  1/3 tsp  Be sure to select an olive oil from a reputable company.  One that is 100% Olive Oil and not "blended".
Coconut Oil: 1/3 tsp  Be sure to select an unrefined oil.
Butter:  1/3 tsp  Be sure to select grass fed organic butter.

* Although these cooking oils are not directly found in nature and are man made, they are minimally processed and are acceptable.

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