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Kimberly Camperlino, Sophomore Seton Hall University-

“I started training with Mike my junior year of high school. As a varsity athlete I needed to get in shape fast for the upcoming sports season. Trying to get in shape can be a daunting task. Expecting a mean brute to scare me into shape, I was nervous meeting Mike for the first time. After the first five minutes of conversation however, I relaxed knowing he was going to do everything in his power to get me in the best shape of my life.

One thing that sets Mike apart from other trainers is how much he cares about his clients. He is not going to yell, intimidate, or make you uncomfortable. Instead, he truly gets to know you so he can help you achieve anything. At first I doubted my abilities to do certain exercises until Mike gave me the knowledge, confidence, and motivation to get past my fears. You learn to trust him completely and to be yourself. Not a session will go by without a good laugh. He will custom-fit workouts to your specific ability, personality and goals so it is always fun, exciting, and challenging. Many people do not realize the importance of proper form, nutrition, and variation when it comes to exercising, preventing injuries, and maximizing results. This is what Mike teaches you. He has given me the skills to succeed in anything life throws at me. I set goals and work hard to reach them. Today, I am in college and still continue his workouts. We keep in touch about the latest in fitness news and I workout with him when I go home for break. The passion he has for his job makes him my most valuable resource when it comes to fitness. Mike has become a great friend and mentor. I wouldn’t train with anybody else.”

Jacki Goldberg, client since January 2006-

"I have been a training client of Mike Elliott’s since January 2006 at Fitness Forum. It has been a very positive experience. Mike is very knowledgeable and will work with you based on your needs, not his. He is a pleasure to work with and even though I do dread getting beat up for 45 minutes each week, I find myself attending each session without fail. He will listen if you are having an area of pain but will still push you to do your best! Mike keeps up with the latest advancements in fitness conditioning and will implement whatever you are interested in trying. I can say he has become a friend as well as my trainer."

Melinda Johnson, client since October 2009-

"One of Mike Elliott’s great motivational tools is his personality. He’s so easy-going I didn’t realize, at first, his effectiveness in steadily building my confidence to push myself during training sessions. This encouragement carries over when I work out alone. I appreciate that Mike thoroughly explains an exercise and answers my many questions. I was so impressed with his professionalism that I arranged for my 88-year-old mother to train with Mike. She has been energized by the sessions and her posture has improved. We’re a family-in-training."

Mary, client since 2007-

"When I first met Mike I told him I wanted to reduce my weight, work on core strength, balance, and be able to fit into my clothes. Mike assured me that he could help me but my success would depend heavily on my eating habits and what I did outside the gym, so he asked me “How far are you willing to go to get what you want?” Well, that wasn't what I wanted to hear, I wanted to pay him to fix me. I thought about what he asked me and decided to make the commitment to myself.

So here I am, age 56, retired, and 80 lbs. less. With Mike's knowledge and coaching, I reached all of my goals and more. I had to go slow at first due to some health issues and also my core strength had to be built up before I could do some of the exercises. After two years my bone density increased. Most of the exercises I do are functional movements so I put them to use almost daily. For example, I know how to lift things safely. I can do full sit-ups, dead-lifts, squats, jump rope and even run.

Mike continues to challenge me in every workout session. Just when I think I know what I'm going to be doing, he comes up with something new. Safety and good form are always first. He is passionate about what he does and is committed to helping his clients reach their goals and be healthier. Just one of the ways he does this is by continually learning so he can educate his clients and he is always willing to hear new ideas.

Working with Mike is the best investment I ever made. My health is so much better thanks to him, and I can fit into my clothes! He has a great sense of humor and his work ethics are impeccable."

Will Kniesner, Manlius Pebble Hill soccer player-

"Mike has really helped me reach my potential as an athlete. I had always been a good soccer player but became a much better one by improving my strength and stamina. I have improved my upper body, core and lower body strength, power and stamina. I’ve become a faster runner by my improved running form and have also become more flexible under Mike. He has also helped me improve some injuries to my back, hamstring, and hip flexor. His great character and fun personality also make the training experience a lot more enjoyable."

John Fayos, President, Critical Link-

"I’ve been working with Mike on a weekly basis since 2006. I began my sessions with Mike to build up my core muscles to improve general fitness, maintain my weight, and also to help reduce the frequency of my recurring lower back muscle pulls. With Mike’s expertise and encouragement, I've seen a big improvement in my general physical fitness, muscle tone and my back problem. Mike is very knowledgeable in what exercises to use to build and maintain each muscle area and pushes me to continue to improve each week. Mike is a true professional and a pleasure to work with."

Chuck Davoli, Owner of Delo Welding & Industrial Supply Corp-

"I have been working with Michael since 2008. For about 12 years prior to that I was working out on my own doing mostly upper body workouts with free weights. I was also stretching and trying to improve my flexibility without much success. I had heard about core training and decided to give it a try if only to help my golf game. I asked fitness forum for a recommendation and was given Michael's name. Core training involved way more than a few sit-ups and abdominal exercises. In the beginning it was the hardest thing I had ever done, but in a few weeks I was feeling a lot stronger and more flexible. Being able to do squats, dead-lifts, lunges, overhead presses and working out with kettle bells has taught me that true strength comes from your core.

The quality of life benefits from this type of training can't be measured in dollars. Although I can't stop the aging process I can still be as active as I have been all my life."

Deborah Freund
President, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont California
Former Provost, Syracuse University-

"Mike is a transformative person. He transformed my body and self imagine in ways that make me a better leader and better to myself. I have no more back pain, have great endurance, and am beating osteoporosis.

And he is a family man--just as good training my son, who is a 16 year old high performing athlete, as he is getting me in shape. Do not miss the chance to work with him.

If you have a question or would like to submit a testimonial, feel free to contact me!

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