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Personal Training

Personal Training  

Why Work With a Personal Trainer?

- Personalized One-On-One Attention: During each session, we will implement workouts specifically tailored to fit your needs and goals in the privacy of our personal training studio.  This setting is ideal for anyone looking for individualized attention.
- Motivation-Accountability: How many times have you began a workout routine and fallen off the wagon? A trainer is always there to keep you on track!
- Knowledge: A skilled trainer will know the most efficient way to get you to your goals, whatever your goals may be. Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain, increased athleticism, increased health…
- Safety: A skilled trainer will always be there to make sure you are performing an exercise correctly. Whether a novice or a high level athlete, having a coach guide you is always safer.

Contact Michael Elliott to set up your first training session!

Need help with your Olympic lifts?
Need help with Muscle-Up progression?
Uncomfortable working out in a group?
Have physical issues that need extra attention?

Personal training is for you! 


60min Session: $60

45min Session: $50

30min Session: $35

Small Group (2-3 people)   

- A great option if you like working out with a close friend.  Plus you will save a few bucks!

60min Session: $45 per Person

45min Session: $35 per Person

30min Session: $25 per Person

Contact one of our personal trainers to set up a session or ask any questions

Michael Elliott Email:
Pat Commeret Email:
CrossFit Syracuse Phone: (315) 299-7470  

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